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EPOCH Pi is a purposeful investment bank working with purpose-driven and culture-rich companies to sell to or raise capital from values-aligned parties. We believe identifying the best strategic option given a company’s purpose, values and culture, as well as the best financial or strategic partner, requires a new approach. We’re a different kind of investment bank in that our process is designed to determine values and culture alignment with interested investors or buyers along the continuum of the deal process from targeting through integration. Financial terms are critically important, but evaluating the alignment of values, structuring a transaction to protect them, and creating a thoughtful integration plan are key to longer-term success. EPOCH’s proprietary culture and integration process increases alignment, reduces risk, optimizes financial value, and leads to structures and integration plans that help preserve the fabric of a company’s mission and culture – creating value for both the buyer/investor as well as the company. It is our desire to ensure that purpose-driven companies survive and thrive (beyond a transaction) so they can continue to influence, inspire, and exemplify how the power of business can have a profound positive impact on all stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, communities, the environment, and shareholders.
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The importance of culture in your finance and exit strategyYou’ve built this great purpose-driven business, have nurtured a strong culture and now for any number of reasons you’re contemplating a transaction, looking for capital or thinking of selling your business. You’re concerned.  You’ve heard the horror stories of unaligned buyers and investors and what became of the business after the deal.  Unfortunately, your concerns are well founded.  The research suggests that more than 70% of business combinations never meet their financial expectations.  Success with private equity is equally as elusive.  None of this is encouraging, so how do you find a solution that works? 

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