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Jim Mullaney

Jim Mullaney is President/CEO of Edoc Service, Inc..a 2012 Fast 55 Company established in January 1997. Prior to starting the company, Jim worked as Technical Operations Manager for a Cincinnati-based staffing company. While in that position, he came upon the idea to recruit individuals who prefer working from remote office locations to serve the business community. Unable to convince the CEO of the potential of this innovative business structure, Jim struck out on his own and launched Edoc Service to support what he saw as a growing need within the business community.

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Boundaries in Business

Posted by Jim Mullaney on May 25, 2016

(This article originally appeared on edocservice.com. Contributed by Jim Mullaney and Shelley Russell of eDocService.) 

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Topics: General, Leadership, Values, Company Culture, Employee Development

When it comes to being in an open, peer-driven discussion about running your business, you should always be willing to answer the questions you pose. So when Small Giants Community member Jim Mullaney of Edoc Service (Cincinnati, Ohio), posed six questions about running a business from a Small Giants perspective, we weren’t going to let him get away with not answering those questions about his own work.

How do Jim’s answers compare to how you’d answer the questions?

Am I building my company to last forever or to flip and sell it?

At Edoc Service we’re focused strictly on company growth, stability, and sustainability for the future. Selling the company is the farthest thing from our minds. Our current CEO may “age out” after 10 years and our strategy is geared to that timeframe.

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Open Book Management, Fulfillment Orientation, Small Giants, Relationship Oriented

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