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Joe Cirulli

Joe Cirulli has led life focused on helping people become healthy and building a thriving company culture. Maintaining his vision despite adversity—working for companies going bankrupt to living in his car—Joe’s quest always has been inspiring human potential. At 24, he started Gainesville Health & Fitness with $1,700; today, GHF is a renowned health club for the world. GHF’s vision, like Joe's, is developing leadership and motivating staff continually, which propels GHF beyond its potential. Accolades include cultivating Gainesville as “The Healthiest Community in America” and becoming the only Florida company named in “The Best Small Companies in America, 2016” by Forbes. Additionally, in 2012, Joe was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to his industry.
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Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews Joe Cirulli, Owner and Founder of Gainesville Health & Fitness Center. For Joe, leadership comes down to finding what you're passionate about and giving it your all. Though his company is now a Forbes Small Giant, Joe's journey has included hardships and lessons learned, from early childhood lessons on the fragility of health to how he finally uncovered what was truly important to him — inspiring people to become their best. This episode, Joe engages in a genuine, authentic conversation about the time and effort he's invested in building a business that makes the world a better place. Tune into Joe's story here.

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