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Karen Clark Cole

Karen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Blink UX. Today Karen is primarily focused on Blink’s culture and employees, communicating the company vision, and setting the company’s growth strategy. Karen also wears the Chief Operations Officer (COO) hat and spends time speaking and writing. When not serving as CEO of Blink UX, you can find me organizing events to inspire young girls or training to become a professional kiteboarder.
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How BlinkUX Created A Thriving Culture By Measuring Data, Not Beer

This article originally appeared on Forbes.com.

The process for getting a raise at my company used to be super easy, until I learned that most people didn’t know what it was, and if they did, they were terrified.

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Topics: Culture, Company Culture, Leadership

It sounded absurd to me, but apparently no one at Blink UX had any idea what gets him or her fired. “Oh dear,” I thought. “That’s a problem.”

I am proud of being open, honest, and transparent, but getting fired is not something I generally talk about. Until now. Now I actually enjoy the conversation because it is so incredibly clarifying.

It all started when talking with my friends from Marigold Associates. We were brainstorming new ideas to encourage employees to take more ownership in their work, with clients and within the company overall.

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Topics: Company Culture, Firing

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