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Kristen Hadeed

Kristen Hadeed has never met a person she didn’t believe in. She lives to unleash potential in others so that they exceed their own expectations. At 19, she launched Student Maid, a cleaning company that hires only students, which has since grown into a company that has employed hundreds of millennials. Student Maid is known for its industryleading retention rate and its culture of trust, accountability and empowerment. Over the last nine years, Kristen has challenged the millennial status quo. Kristen’s experience as CEO has earned her a unique perspective on leadership, organizational culture and engaging the next generation. She is an expert in developing and teaching practical, ready-made tools that inspire people to take action. Kristen didn’t always get it right. Her first leadership disaster, which resulted in three-quarters of her workforce quitting on the spot, was the catalyst to beginning her leadership journey. A selfdescribed “typical” millennial, she overcame her own greatest 27 obstacles and learned how to help those around her overcome their challenges, too. Today, Student Maid is thriving. Kristen has opened her company’s second location and successfully handed over day-to-day operations to a leadership team comprised of millennials. Kristen has learned what it takes to create a work environment that brings out the best in people. Many of the students who have worked with Student Maid have gone on to run their own businesses and have received highly sought-after positions in companies around the world. Kristen now spends most of her time helping organizations across the country make a lasting, meaningful impact on people by creating environments in which they thrive. Kristen and Student Maid have been featured by news outlets including PBS, FOX and Forbes. Her first TED Talk has received more than two million hits on YouTube.
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A book excerpt from Kristen Hadeed's "Permission to Screw Up: How I Learned to Lead by Doing (Almost Everything Wrong). Download the first full chapter here or pre-order the book today! 

It’s a hundred-degree day in the middle of a scorching Florida summer.

I’m sitting in a comfy armchair, right smack in the middle of a beautifully decorated, air-conditioned apartment clubhouse where the residents congregate to play pool and watch football. I’m checking Facebook and texting my friends to make plans for the evening, and every few seconds, my eyes flick to the big clock on the wall in front of me.

 It’s been three hours, I think to myself. Hope they’re okay out there.

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Student Maid has millennials lining up to clean dirty toilets. The service’s student-only employees excel in relationship building, problem solving and are highly engaged - and it’s all a result of the company’s promise to help them become successful in life.

At the 2017 Small Giants Summit, Founder & CEO of Student Maid Kristen Hadeed took to the stage to debunk stereotypes about millennials and show the leadership shift required today to help millennials thrive in the future. In this engaging and timely talk, Kristen helps to unpack the unique obstacles facing the next generation, and what you can do to help them overcome these challenges and reach their highest potential.

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Topics: Company Culture, Millennials

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