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Kristyna Zapletalova

Kristyna founded a software discovery platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She runs an online publication for entrepreneurs to help them learn from each other. She coaches entrepreneurs all over the globe to help them grow and make a lasting impact. Some of her articles went viral with 3+ million views altogether.
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Guest Blog Feature 2 (1).pngOriginally posted on MindfulEntrepreneurship.com,
Written by Kristyna Zapletalova, CEO of MAQTOOB

Someone on the Internet recently asked me how one could develop good entrepreneurial skills. Since it was a rather busy day for me, my first urge was to spurt out that while you can learn how to run a business, you need to be born an entrepreneur. But then, as I lingered a while longer over the question, I started to ponder the very definition of entrepreneurship.

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