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Larry Jones

Larry Jones is Founder, CEO, and President of Pot O' Gold Coffee Service. Pot O' Gold was founded in 1986 and is located in the Seattle area. Their primary business involves installing commercial coffee brewing equipment in offices throughout the Puget Sound region. They regularly support this equipment with cleaning and maintenance while inventorying and delivering quality consumable coffee and related products. Over the years, Pot O' Gold has gained considerable knowledge in the storing, brewing, serving and presentation of high-end coffees in the office environment. Today, Pot O' Gold is the largest Independent Office Coffee Service (OCS) Operator in Washington State, and the largest Independent Operator/Purchaser of the Starbucks I-Cup brewer in the nation.
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Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews Larry Jones, President and CEO of Pot O' Gold Coffee ServiceLarry was just seventeen-years-old when he had the idea to get into the office coffee supply business with his family.  As a high schooler with no driver's license, Larry would walk on foot to sales meetings, carrying with him a coffee machine in a bag.

After graduating, Larry continued helping his family run the business until he decided to try another path: crab fishing. For 12 years, Larry spent most of his time crab fishing in Alaska, saving up money to help grow the business. Through hard work and perseverance, Larry and his family have built a generational family business that is both the largest Independent Office Coffee Service (OCS) Operator in Washington and the largest Independent Operator/purchaser of the Starbucks I-Cup brewer in the nation.

On today's episode, Larry shares behind-the-scenes stories of building their company from the ground up, and the important lessons on trust, relationships, and growth he's learned along the way. Tune into Larry's story here.

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