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Laurie & JoAnne Shaw

Laurie & JoAnne Shaw are the dynamic duo behind the Coffee Beanery. JoAnne and her husband, Julius, founded the Coffee Beanery in 1976 because they wanted to give people the ability to enjoy the very best specialty coffees available. JoAnne’s the visionary whose entrepreneurial spirit has led beyond opening her first stores to franchising, roasting and packaging. Laurie is the COO and Integrator at Coffee Beanery, making sure that JoAnne's visions become reality. She also supervises the Store and Whole divisions of the company. Together, they work to maintain a values-driven company culture where employees are excited to come to work.
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“I love JoAnne dearly. I love her vision and her passion, and my role in this company is really to make that come to fruition.”

Laurie Shaw is one half of the woman-powered leadership team at Coffee Beanery, a chain of specialty coffee shops with near 100 locations throughout the U.S. and internationally. As the company’s COO and Integrator, Laurie works in harmony with JoAnne Shaw, who co-founded Coffee Beanery in 1976 with her husband, Julius Shaw. JoAnne is not only the Visionary to Laurie’s Integrator, she’s also Laurie’s mother-in-law.

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