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Liz Zavodsky

As the Director of Membership & Engagement at NWEI, Liz oversees program engagement with businesses nationwide, sponsorship and corporate partnerships, in addition to managing donor relationships and records, and volunteer coordination. Liz has been connected with NWEI for several years—she started using NWEI courses while working at the University of Arizona in 2007. When she moved to Portland in 2011, she started volunteering and interning with NWEI, and began working with NWEI in 2012. Liz remains inspired to be a part of the NWEI team because of the organization’s values and dynamic process of creating community and inspiring individuals through the discussion courses and EcoChallenge. Before joining NWEI, Liz worked in higher education and residence life. She received her BA from University of Northern Colorado, and her MA in Human Development from University of Denver. Previously, she and her husband worked for Semester at Sea, and lived in Edinburgh, Scotland. When Liz is not at work, she is spending time with her family and friends hiking, cooking, reading, and traveling.
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