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Michael Spinosa

Michael started Unleashed Technologies with Scott Greenwell in 2007, in the middle of a recession, with just $800 of startup capital. From its humble beginnings, Unleashed Technologies has evolved into a three-time Inc. 5000 winner. Unleashed Technologies is dedicated to re-architecting the way people think about web and hosting, and has pioneered the term Wosting® to bring those two disciplines formally together. Under the guidance of Michael’s leadership, Unleashed Technologies has set its sights on growing its business and spreading Wosting® to the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast, and then nationwide. As CEO, Michael has pioneered a new model by adopting the fact that web and hosting services are fluid and never stop evolving. Unleashed Technologies’ clients have guaranteed service level agreements (SLA) for web work on a monthly basis. The Unleashed Technologies team serves as an extension of their company, providing the right professional for the task when needed. The team also takes on a proactive role with new enhancements, patching, security updates, and server maintenance/upgrades. Michael Spinosa has spent over a decade in the online market and software development industries. His career began in development before evolving to international technical/project management. Eventually this led him to his role as CEO of Unleashed Technologies. Michael has managed and worked on initiatives that include the development of complex content management solutions and vital management software for clients like the White House, and ERP solutions that focus on eliminating costly operational inefficiencies. Since founding Unleashed Technologies, Michael’s leadership has led the firm to award-winning projects in numerous verticals, including membership associations, higher education, and retail. In addition to being a proud husband and father of three, Michael enjoys playing national-level competitive paintball. He’s also a regular contributor to the LIDO Civic Club, an Italian men’s club that helps raise money for scholarships, builds new homes for wounded warriors, and much more. Michael also helps serve food every other month at a special dinner put on by the Aleethia Foundation. This dinner gives recovering soldiers adjusting to home life and coping with their injuries a fresh, hot meal with their families, removed from the pain of their situation.
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