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Purple Squirrel Advisors & Magnet Consulting

Purple Squirrel Advisors: Purple Squirrel Advisors is an executive search firm that recognizes that finding a good “fit” goes beyond writing a job description or screening resumes. Chemistry and culture are everything. The team provides a consultative approach customized to meet the needs of each client. Their expansive and loyal network of industry connections results in candidate referrals not found through traditional sources. Every step of Purple Squirrel Advisor’s “white glove” recruiting process is designed to create a positive client and candidate experience. The team impact businesses every day with their product – exceptionally matched talent.

Magnet Consulting: Magnet Consulting, a People Engagement company based in Metro Detroit, works with businesses and municipalities to help them achieve their goals for organizational culture, employee selection, and leadership and team development. By combining business practicality with the tenets of workplace psychology, Magnet is the strategic human resources partner that every Fortune 500 Company wants and every small business deserves.

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By: Carrie Schochet, Founder & CEO of Purple Squirrel Advisors & Sandy Fiaschetti, Co-Founder and People Engagement Guru at Magnet Consulting.

After the interviews are over and you’ve extended an offer to the best candidate, it’s normal to feel a sense of relief thinking the process is complete and help is on its way.

However, in just a few short weeks, your new employee will walk through the front doors, excited and ready to make an impact on your team.

Will you be ready?

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