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Tom McCrary

Tom McCrary is a Visionary Senior Marketing Executive with extensive experience identifying, synthesizing and clarifying ideas and opportunities; creating unique approaches to solving business problems and accomplishing objectives; inspiring teams to deliver significant results; driving integrated marketing plans and projects to successful implementation. An innovative and flexible decision-maker with excellent conceptual, analytical and communication skills.

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At Chief Outsiders, we believe that culture is the key to our success to date and will be critical to our growth as a firm for the long term. Pete Hayes, one of the Principals at Chief Outsiders, blogged about engaging the right team in his article “News Break: Lencioni’s ‘The Ideal Team Player’ is Bigger Than Expected”. As an organization, we spend an enormous amount of human capital to attract and retain people who are aligned with and embrace our core values. It begins when a prospective CMO candidate clicks on “Become an Outsider” on our website and listens to a video that describes the opportunity for Chief Outsiders, introduces them to our culture/our philosophy of working together and directs them to assess their fit with our Core Values.

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Recently I have been looking more closely at service — which factors contribute to great service in business and which elevate the quality of service to exceptional levels. I have considered both the objective, measurable components of service as well as the subjective — less tangible factors that focus on the specific relationship between those served and those serving.

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