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Tyler Mongan

Tyler Mongan investigates the latest research in Brain-Heart Coherence, Neuroscience, Quantum Thinking, Cognitive Social Dynamics, Business Culture and Future Intelligence and then integrates the information into frameworks and processes that help leaders and organizations catalyze innovative strategies for success. Tyler has been launching and growing for-profit and non-profit businesses in Hawaii since 2008 and has held executive level positions for government funding programs. Tyler is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Quantum Medicine, researching the effects of coherence on cognitive self-management, goal-setting and organizational influence. Tyler teaches mindfulness & science-based yoga. As the co-founder and CIO of HAKU.global, he travels internationally speaking at conferences and training leaders on practical methods for applying his research to increase leadership effectiveness, cultivating cultures of innovation, and developing future intelligence.
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Coherent Leadership: How Your Physiological State Impacts Your Ability to LeadDo you know how your brain-heart coherence impacts your leadership? Research in human physiology is revealing that when the heart and brain work together, we enter a coherent state that can lead to more effective leadership and business innovation. At an April 2018 Small Giants Fishbowl, Tyler Mongan, Co-Founder of Heart Lab and HAKU.global, explored human physiology, coherent leadership, and how understanding your physiology can help you become a better leader.

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