Great Qualities Don't Equal Great Leadership (But It's Not Too Late to Fix)

Posted by Glenn Burr on July 29, 2015

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You have big ideas. You’re emotionally intuitive. Creative. Entrepreneurial. Relationship oriented. 

Do you have many of the qualities that help make a dynamic leader?


They're also extremely common traits of failed CEOs.

You’re a great communicator. A business plan driver. An excellent manager.

More descriptions of leaders enjoying tremendous success while changing the world?


They're also descriptions of leaders in stagnant environments that function, but don’t move toward the next level.

How is it that outstanding qualities exist in the leadership of entrepreneurial organizations, but end up in company ruining and demoralizing results?

When visionaries and integrators fly solo, they lack the balance, skills, energy and direction that make for a solid, stable and forward-looking leadership. But when those gaps are filled? Visionaries can move the company with a focus and commitment they wouldn’t know without the stabilizing effect of an integrator.

What does the top of your organization look like? Is it all energy and no structure? Or is it a functioning culture, but lacking in the imagination that creates big ideas?

For a first dip into the high successful collaboration that comes between visionaries and integrators, check out this quick clip from Gino Wickman, creator of Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and Co-Author of Rocketfuel.

For a peer-driven and values-based examination of some of the concepts from Rocketfuel, scaling culture, the collected wisdom of Bo Burlingham’s experience chronicling business, community development, intentional leadership and much more, make plans to join us at the 2015 Small Giants Summit in Dallas on September 20-23. Registration is extremely limited. 

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