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Having your sales team’s values aligned with your company’s values is a hard job. You don’t want (or have to) make it even harder by recruiting new sales people that have conflicting values with yours.

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Bouncing from meeting to phone call to email and back all day long, we have a tendency to leave half of our brain and presence in the last task we were trying to accomplish.

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One question that I often get from readers and clients of our sales consulting business is: “Should our sales team have the exact same Values as our other departments or can they have a different set of Values, as long as they don’t contradict the overall company’s Values?”

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10 Elements of Great Culture

Posted by Paul Spiegelman on April 2, 2014

Building a company culture of engaged employees takes years and requires consistent execution. I boiled down our culture strategy into 10 essential components I call the “10 Cs of Culture.”

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