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You can’t crack your employees’ heads open and look inside (well you can, but legal will probably advise against it) so how do you uncover what drives individual employees to work hard, stay focused and be more creative? Are they seeking more money, stock options, a pat on the back?

Keeping employees engaged means that they will stay longer, be more productive, and increase your base of satisfied customers. To get there, start from the ground up by understanding how employees think and how to meet their most fundamental needs.

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During our “Happy Week” feature series from the Return on Values (ROV) Project, we explored employee happiness, leadership and customer loyalty as it happens inside of a workplace we truly admire, Blue Plate Catering. In the fourth (and final) part of our feature, we get raw and real as we tackle a topic that we just can’t get enough off…Sustainable Finances(Control yourselves. There is enough to go around for everyone!) What is it about a Small Giant that keeps them looking good financially for so long while other companies enjoy flash-in-the-pan succcess but end up fading out like so many Hollywood starlets?Well, for starters, they all tend to have the following under control when it comes to finance:

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In Part 1 and Part 2 of our “Happy Week” feature series from the Return on Values (ROV) Project, we introduced you to the happiness-driven Blue Plate Catering and gave you a glimpse into how they get greatness out of their potential leaders. (The latter by applying substantial force through two metaphorical hands placed firmly on the potential leader’s shoulders.)

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If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve probably heard Pharrell’s “Happy” about 1,000 times in the last few months. On listening number 1,001, we got to thinking…

What REALLY makes us happy?

For the Inc. Small Giants Community, happiness is companies that are great because they build up happy employees who deliver happiness to every customer they reach.

So…we came up with the idea for “Happy Week” where we will feature a company that we think hits happiness in the workplace right on the nose. For us? That company is definitely Blue Plate Catering.

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