What We Learned from the Women Entrepreneurs of the Inc. 500|5000, Pt. 2

Posted by Jamie Pritscher on November 3, 2014

We recently asked more than 100 women entrepreneurs from the Inc. 5000 about the topics and issues they wanted to build relationships around.

While there were plenty of generic terms like “hiring, finances and leadership”, we noticed a much more consistent theme that tied a majority of the responses together: the unique struggles, influences, societal demands and expectations that come along with being a woman as they transferred directly into being a business leader. Even more telling was that while there are a number of books about how to take these challenges on…it was their peers who are a few steps ahead of them in their business development that they sought out for relatable and actionable advice.

While we boiled our survey responses for the Women’s Networking Session down to the most common themes, the entirety of the survey results tells us that being a woman leader can and does affect every element of the business. What did women want to connect on? The raw survey responses are included here. What sticks out to you? Any thing you’d like to connect with other women entrepreneurs about? Concepts and ideas you want to connect on in general?

  • Success stories, biggest challenges, goal setting for next year
  • Community building, event strategy / planning
  • Women in business ownership/leadership
  • Hiring and Firing
  • Live/Work balance
  • Valuable Women in Leadership networks
  • Banking Options for high transaction accounts; Lending Options for acquisitions;
  • Work /life balance
  • Time management
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs
  • Is entrepreneurship “teachable”?
  • Scaling a business
  • Brand Recognition Techniques
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Management of Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Follow-Up
  • How to network at the C-level to explode company growth
  • How to differentiate your business to drive more revenues
  • How to better connect with female entrepreneurs for peer to peer advice
  • Mentoring the next generation of women leaders
  • The role of the female entrepreneur
  • Sparking corporate growth leading in a male-dominated environment balancing career with motherhood recruiting and retaining milennials
  • How to find quality workers in today’s society.
  • Work place equality for women
  • Growth for women executives
  • Women executives in the fortune 500
  • Breaking the glass ceiling in the work force
  • Specific challenges other executive women face in the workforce
  • Top tips on organization
  • Advice on presentations/leading a meeting
  • How women have turned ‘failures’ into success
  • Work life Balance; is that even a real thing? Can you survive?
  • Expanding globally
  • Marketing/advertising shifts
  • The opportunities for funding expanding into new markets
  • My role as a leader and not a micro manager
  • New trends in SEO optimization.
  • SEO lead generation
  • Social Media and how to capitalize on it to attract solid leads
  • Exceptional women leadership skills-what does it take to lead a successful company
  • Current economic conditions and how they will effect business in 2015
  • Outsourcing Prepare for Obama care
  • CSR Meetings & Events Management Style Small Business best practice
  • How do other companies address the middle skills job challenge?
  • ACA and how other companies are preparing for these changes
  • Working with millennials
  • Business development (times 4)
  • Pitching to the media and bloggers
  • Licensing agreements for artists
  • How to scale a business centered around handmade products
  • How to make your first hire and who to hire
  • Working Mom’s with younger children
  • Image and appropriate dress as a woman figure head in the work environment.
  • Dynamics of a primarily women dominated work environment and incorporating male workers.
  • Best ways to utilize being female in business
  • Expanding your business into multiple cities, launching a new company alongside your original, staying connected with peers outside of your company, maintaining balance.
  • How to overcome a male dominated office
  • Best methods for finding top employees
  • The best apps to improve productivity
  • Manufacturing in the Us
  • Mentoring the next generation
  • Executive compensation
  • Growth stimulation
  • How they are taking advantage of the INC 5000 ranking in terms of marketing If anyone is in my kind of business - wholesaler selling to retailers and what kind of trends they see
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Diversity
  • Mentoring
  • Connecting and Building Lasting Relationships
  • Managing working with family
  • Understanding income statements and balance sheets
  • Improving revenue/per year/per person.
  • Managing fast growth
  • Women’s advantages and disadvantages as managers and CEO’s relative to men and how to better leverage our advantages.
  • Leadership
  • Open book management
  • Incentive programs
  • Business development

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We’d like to continue extending our gratitude to Ink from Chase for making it possible to bring more than 100 leaders of women-owned businesses together for real, challenging and empowering relationship building and sharing. Follow @ChaseSmallBiz for more insights and tips about growing your small business.

(Survey responses above were only edited for spelling, punctuation and clarity.)

Topics: Accountability, Business, Branding, Sales, General, Leadership, Values, Advertising, Employee Engagement, Vision

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Jamie Pritscher is an award-winning entrepreneur committed to excellence, professionalism, positive workplace culture and exceptional client experiences. In addition to positions as Director of Communications at full-service caterer Tasty Catering, Co-founder and Chief Communications Officer of creative marketing agency nuphoriq and Co-founder and CEO of socially-responsible high-end gift company That’s Caring, Jamie is also an active speaker and volunteer in the community. She obtained her undergraduate degree in communications with psychology and visual communications minors from Illinois State University and her Master’s in integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University. Jamie has been presented with national awards for her leadership and business efforts, including Harper College’s Distinguished Alumni 2013, Diversity’s Magazine 2011 Top 100 Under 50 Emerging Leader and Ecovers’ 2011 30 Under 30 for Sustainability.

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