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May 3, 2019

Forbes Small Giants 2019: Meet the Winners

2019 Small Giants Community Summit


The Forbes Small Giants 2019 winners have just been announced, and we're excited to share a first look at this year's group of businesses. Every year, the Small Giants Community partners with Forbes to recognize outstanding small businesses. This year's winners were announced at the 2019 Small Giants Community Summit during a special celebration at the historic Fisher Theatre in Detroit. These businesses are all privately owned and closely-held, and each winner uniquely exemplifies the six qualities of a Small Giant. 

Here's your first look at the Forbes Small Giants 2019 winners. Read the feature on to explore company profiles and stories!

  1. Advoco
  2. Arkadium
  3. Chief Outsiders
  4. Choice One Engineering
  5. Community Impact Newspaper
  6. Evergreen
  7. Filtrine Manufacturing
  8. FBS Data Systems
  9. Great Lakes Brewing Company
  10. Harvest Group
  11. Henderson Rigs
  12. The Indigo Road Hospitality Group
  13. Inspira Marketing
  14. Interworks
  15. LiveData
  16. Life's Abundance
  17. Outdoor Pride Landscaping
  18. PFS Brands
  19. Rescue Agency
  20. Spikeball
  21. Solugenix
  22. Venturity Financial Partners
  23. Waldron Private Wealth
  24. WEBIT Services
  25. WikiHow



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