Mike Rose

September 16, 2015

4 Positively Simple Ways to Sabotage Workplace Stressors

What’s the common thread among co-workers, bosses, salary, commutes, contracts, vendors and just about everything you touch during the day? How can employers take some of the burden off of their employees and limit some of the common stresses? Workplace culture is the key. The culture of an organization is the “why” of the organization, and if the culture is a positive one, many workplace stresses are minimized or can even disappear.

Below are some basic but powerful ways for employers to shift the impact of many common workplace stresses:

1. Provide purpose in the workplace

Let all of your employees know exactly what they mean to your company, and how they provide value to you. If employees not only like the work culture, but know where they fit in that culture and how to add to the overall culture, employees will look forward to work and feel less stress.

2. Give your employees a voice

Put your leaders in direct contact with the front line of your business, and encourage them to do more listening and less talking. Doing so will allow them to understand all of the inter-workings of your company, and will empower your workers to weigh in on out-dated processes and what isn’t working.

3. Hire the right people

There are always those people who hate where they are and are just an overall negative influence on fellow employees. Make sure you avoid hiring these people in the first place. Take the time to find the right people to fill the roles you need. Find employees that have personal values that align with your company values. Individuals like this will be a good fit, and not find it difficult to live out and contribute to your company’s purpose.

4. Invest in your employees’ development

Don’t just micromanage your employees, set up mentorships and micro-mentor. Doing so will show your investment in your employees, give you a level of control in how their skills are developed, and will empower your employees to better do their jobs with confidence.

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