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July 7, 2021

Small Giants Summer School Is in Session! Start Learning Now



Summer learning, Small Giants style.

Looking to sharpen your leadership skills this summer? For the first time, we're taking some of our most beloved Small Giants Leadership Academy resources and sharing them with you.

When you sign up for our Summer School series, you'll get a light-hearted, lesson-packed newsletter in your inbox every Thursday for 5 weeks. This series will kickstart your summer learning with a short article and a practical exercise to help put what you learned into practice and share it out with others in your organization.

Small Giants Summer School is designed to be shared with your teammates and kick off some awesome lunch and learn sessions (beach and browse?!) to instill the philosophies of Small Giants leadership throughout your organization.

Sign up now to receive articles and exclusive worksheets covering topics like:

  • Mindful leadership
  • How to write a vision statement 
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Giving feedback + one-on-ones
  • Psychological safety + employee engagement
  • Bonus: Beach read of the week

Ready to upgrade your summer beach reads?

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