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August 27, 2019

Download: The Small Giants Approach to Virtual Teams

The way we work is changing, and virtual teams are more common than ever. Whether you’ve just hired your first remote employee or taken your entire team virtual, it’s a new frontier and there’s plenty to learn. 

For businesses focused only on growth, the advantages are clear: remote workers lower overhead and widen your talent pool. But purpose-driven businesses have different priorities, and many leaders worry what will happen to their positive cultures if they go virtual. What happens to the culture if your team members don’t see each other every day? How will you integrate new people when geography gets in the way? And how do you keep your core purpose and values front and center in a digital environment? In this ebook, we reveal answers to those questions and more.

Virtual Teams On Device-01Download the ebook:

In this ebook you'll learn:

  • The tools purpose-driven companies use to build and maintain their cultures in virtual and distributed teams
  • What systems and processes top leaders use to build thriving, sustainable virtual cultures
  • How to hire and onboard new employees
  • How to hold effective virtual one-on-ones
  • How to recreate in-person employee interactions in a distributed team

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