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There are hundreds of conferences out there asking for your dollar. We know you’re inundated with promises to “send your growth in to the stratosphere" (The stratosphere is below freezing and there is extremely limited oxygen) while others tell you they’ll “turn you into the leader you always wanted to be.”  (I wanted to be Gonzo as a kid. Great leader for a bunch of singing chickens? Definitely. But none of us runs a company of singing chickens. If you do, call me. I want to know more.)

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What if I told you that you’re leaving a TON of potential impact, revenue and connection on the table?

Regardless of your leadership prowess—no matter how great it is — if your intention, energy, and presence aren't in alignment, you're leaving a ton of opportunity on the table. We are ALWAYS having an impact. Whether you're leading a meeting, or sitting in the back of the room — you're having an impact on your own experience, and the people around you.

This is your SUPERPOWER.

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