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David Dussault

September 13, 2017

Growing with Purpose Podcast: David Dussault

Today on the Growing with Purpose Podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews David Dussault, Founder & CEO of P1 Industries. When David finished school, he followed the family tradition of manufacturing and began working at GE. After almost six years of rising through the ranks at GE, he decided he wanted to start his own business in 2004. While initially a success, the business “imploded” only two years later in 2006 - an incredibly challenging and humbling time for David. 

Soon after, however, P1 Industries, a fully integrated manufacturing company was born. Today, P1 Industries has over 100 employees and 20 million in revenue. In Episode 8 of the Growing with Purpose Podcast, David authentically shares his upbringing and the lessons learned in life that have shaped him as a leader today.  Subscribe to Paul's podcast here. 

Show Notes 

Growing with Purpose Podcast: David Dussault

[.57]: From Vision to Reality: Revitalizing American Manufacturing through Entrepreneurship

[6:09] Building an Award Winning Culture

[8:30]  A Values-Driven Upbringing

[15:08]: The Lowest Guy on The Totem Pole

[18:59]: A Humble (and Unexpected) Leadership Lesson From a 12-Year-Old Boy

[24:40]: "I Will Never Move Somebody if I Can Sacrifice First”

[27:45]: My First Company Imploding: A Humbling Experience

[32:06]: A Tough Decision: Letting Go of Someone in The Original Founding Four

[36:08]: Self Awareness: The Key to Remaining an Authentic Leader

[39:24]: There’s No “I” in Team: The Importance of Finding a Mentor

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About David Dussault

David Dussault is President & CEO of P1 Industries. David is a successful Industrial Entrepreneur that has started and built multiple operating companies from concept to growth and profitability while establishing high performing leadership and operating teams.