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Webb Weiman

April 25, 2018

Growing with Purpose Podcast: "What's Left on Your Bucket List?" with Webb Weiman

Webb Weiman talks about his business and his life on the Growing with Purpose podcastWhen tragedies touch our lives, we're left to either sink or swim. Webb Weiman, Founder and Executive Director of Jump!, used his personal tragedies as inspiration to start a non-profit organization that helps seniors achieve what's left on their bucket list. Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews longtime family friend and inspiring leader, Webb Weiman. After building a successful career in Hollywood, Webb made the bold decision to leave the industry and start his own non-profit organization. Inspired by his family legacy, Webb started Jump! to help seniors achieve their dreams. Today, Jump! works with seniors and their families to prove that no matter your age, there's always more you can do and achieve. Whether it's helping seniors skydive, drive a racecar, or make blankets for the homeless, Jump! teaches us a powerful lesson about how we can reach out to the elderly members of our own families to create the best years of their lives.

If you believe there's life beyond the rocking chair, don't miss this inspiring, heartfelt conversation. Tune into Webb's story here.


Show Notes 

[02:00] No Matter Your Age, You Can Still Be Dancing

[06:36] Loss, Isolation, and Finding His Father a Date 

[12:00] The Life-Changing Experience of a Purple Harley

[19:33] Helping Our Elderly Parents Have the Best Years of Their Lives

[23:56] Leaving a Thriving Career in Hollywood to Carry on a Family Legacy

[29:48] Finding Funding When Your Organization Is a Hard Sell

[37:04] Surviving Tragedy Through Comedy 

Book that Influenced Webb's Leadership

Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom


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About Webb Weiman

Webb graduated from California State University Northridge in 1985 with a degree in Radio-TV-Film. He worked as the Head of Post Production for a company called “Magical Elves”, and oversaw such Emmy award winning shows as Project Greenlight, Project Runway and Top Chef. Webb has also been involved with charitable organizations that raise money for cancer research, Parkinsons and heart disease. Unfortunately, Webb lost his mother, brother and father to these illnesses, but Jump! has been the perfect vehicle to help fill that void. “You grow up quickly when you encounter health challenges in your family”, but it’s that strength and determination that pushed Webb to start Jump! “When I was growing up I thought 50 was old, and now that I’m in my 50’s, I can’t believe what people 40 years older than are doing with their lives!” Webb and his Board look forward to their continual pursuit of enriching the lives of seniors, one Jump! at a time.