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Bruce Hendrick

With a BS in computer engineering from The Ohio State University, Bruce Hendrick’s career has spanned software development, pressure-sensitive adhesives, ceramic tile, and electronic manufacturing. Bruce has spent the past 17 years at RBB in Wooster where he is CEO and owner. He is recognized in Smart Business Magazine’s "Smart 50 in NEO" as a top executive in the region for his ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations. Along the way, Bruce developed powerful leadership and trust-building acumen, which he used to launch Building Trust, LLC, in 2008. He trains, coaches, blogs and speaks nationally on these subjects, strengthening business relationships and getting more done with less stress. He has taught and consulted with over 1000 people. Bruce serves on the boards of NAMI Wayne/Holmes Counties, Wayne College Community Advisory, The Wooster Area Chamber, and Zion Industries. He and his wife Donna have 3 grown children. The author of "On My Own, Recollections of an Unlikely CEO," Bruce grew up facing significant mental illness in his family. He spent his life learning to cope with and then to overcome these challenges. His book is an honest and often humorous retelling of the boyhood adventures that led to the resiliency and resourcefulness that prepared him to lead others.
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I’ve spent my entire life learning to build trust. As I grew up, my mom faced significant mental illness, so I learned first-hand how isolating life can be when trust is absent. Over time, I learned to cope with and, after much healing, eventually overcome these challenges. As a business leader, I’ve always been tuned into the telltale signs of mistrust. Frankly, I just can’t bear it when employees get stuck in these toxic patterns. For me, it’s personal.

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