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Elizabeth Colón

Founder and CEO | Metaphrasis

December 3, 2018

Growing with Purpose Podcast: "Turn Your Fear Into Fuel" with Elizabeth Colón

Since she was a child, Elizabeth Colón has been the voice of the voiceless. 

Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman talks with Elizabeth Colón, President & CEO of Metaphrasis, a comprehensive interpreting and translation company. Elizabeth grew up in a Spanish-speaking home with five siblings, two of whom had hearing issues. From an early age, Elizabeth was tasked with adult responsibilities, like translating medical information for her parents and speaking up for her siblings. Today, Elizabeth has transformed her early challenges into a business dedicated to providing high-quality translation services that incorporate the culture and context necessary to provide meaningful communication across languages.

In this episode, hear how Elizabeth inspires those without hope to shift their mindset and make a change — and how other leaders can, too. Tune into Elizabeth's story below:  


Elizabeth Colon
Show Notes 

[1:48] Stepping into an Adult Role at the Age of 9

[8:00] The Importance of Culture in Communication 

[10:28] How to Build a Diverse Workforce

[13:00] Early Lessons on Respect and Integrity

[17:13] Learning to Smile as a McDonald's Employee

[19:53] Hanging Up Your Suit and Opening Up

[24:31] The Facade of Perfection

[29:03] Starting a Business with $500

Book that Influenced Elizabeth's Leadership:
Good to Great by Jim Collins


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About Elizabeth Colón

Elizabeth Colón is an Inspirational Speaker, Author & the CEO of the rapidly-growing and innovative multimillion-dollar company, Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions. She speaks to audiences of entrepreneurs and women to empower them to turn their fear into fuel so that they can achieve their dreams and embrace their destiny – just like she has done in her own career.