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Michael Draper

Founder and Owner | RAYGUN

October 25, 2018

Growing with Purpose Podcast: "You Can't Fake Authenticity" with Michael Draper

There's no way to fake authenticity. If you really love your business and care about it, people will naturally gravitate to you. After over a decade of building his t-shirt company, Michael Draper knows firsthand that it takes hard work every day to build a truly great business.

Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman talks with Michael Draper, Founder and Owner of RAYGUN, a clothing store headquartered in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. What started as Michael selling t-shirts on the streets of his college campus has grown into a $4 million business with 70 employees and four locations. For over a decade, Michael's authentic passion for what RAYGUN is all about has kept the business afloat, even in the face of financial crises and industry changes. 

In this episode, hear how Michael built a thriving clothing business with a history degree, no money, and no experience.
Tune into Michael's story below: 

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[1:36] Selling T-Shirts on the Street After College
[4:16] Learning a 'Come In Every Day' Work Ethic
[21:44] Dependability Trumps Everything
[29:47] Growing for the Sake of Creativity
[36:51] Caring for the Digital Side of Your Brand
[43:24] Raising Four Happy Kids (It's Harder than it Sounds!)

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About Michael Draper

Michael Draper is the founder and owner of RAYGUN, a clothing store headquartered in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Founded in 2004, RAYGUN is a labor of love with a long and storied journey to growth. Today, RAYGUN is a $4 million company with about 70 employees and 4 locations. Having been immersed in product and production for over a decade, RAYGUN has developed a deep respect for the people who make things. Their house brand of shirts is made in America's oldest Fair Trade Certified factory in Los Angeles.