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Are you struggling to implement engaging, impactful employee volunteer programs? We’ve all been there demonstrating the value of community programming is a challenge, and other priorities like profit, sales, and growth wind up taking center stage. Although community is one of the six qualities of a Small Giant, many purpose-driven organizations struggle to implement successful employee volunteer programs that actually boost community involvement.

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Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews Max Spielberg, Co-Founder and President of Genexa Health. After becoming a father, Max embarked on a search for safe and organic medicines for his family, but couldn't find any. So, he made it his personal mission to create healthier, organic medicine for families like his, and co-founded Genexa in 2014. Despite the many doctors and manufacturers who said it wasn't possible, they stuck to their vision and kept moving forward. Through remarkable persistence and plenty of risks, the company went to commerce in 2016 and achieved amazing success.

On today's episode, Max shares how they took the business from a home-office operation to a fast-growing company with two offices, fifteen employees, and products in over 30,000 stores. Tune into Max's story here.

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While customer service is a tenet of most businesses, what separates a Small Giant from the pack is its ability to embed extraordinary customer service into its culture. Small Giants cultivate meaningful relationships with customers, forming trusting partnerships that advance the interests of both parties. imageOne, a Document Lifecycle Management company, has created a culture of customer service that has generated millions in revenue. In fact, imageOne is known for its passion for delivering extraordinary experiences, even ranking as one of Forbes 2017 Small Giants: Best Small Companies in America.

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Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews Matthew Rosenberg, CEO & Founder of M-Rad Design Studio. In just five years, Matthew has made impressive strides in implementing his vision of reconceptualizing the architecture industry. As he worked to build an innovative, people-focused company, he's taken big risks and learned valuable lessons along the way, from a team overhaul early in the business to learning which clients are — and are not  — a good fit. Through it all, Matthew has prioritized investing in his team and positively contributing to the architectural industry. 

This episode, Matthew engages in a transparent, authentic conversation about the evolution of his unique business. Tune into Matthew's story here.

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Topics: Leadership, growing with purpose, Paul Spiegelman

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