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What are the key areas of your business that need attention? Right now. Before you continue, take a moment and write down the three critical areas or issues that need immediate attention. The three practices that you can feel are missing something fundamental to their success.

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When people describe a company with great culture, many people immediately picture a laid-back and fun loving atmosphere. This sells a good company culture far short though. Building a great culture is much more than just casual attire or Beer Friday – it’s more about the who, what, how, and why of your business. Building great culture takes some combination of time, money, and effort – but the payoff is a powerful business tool and the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Having your sales team’s values aligned with your company’s values is a hard job. You don’t want (or have to) make it even harder by recruiting new sales people that have conflicting values with yours.

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During our “Happy Week” feature series from the Return on Values (ROV) Project, we explored employee happiness, leadership and customer loyalty as it happens inside of a workplace we truly admire, Blue Plate Catering. In the fourth (and final) part of our feature, we get raw and real as we tackle a topic that we just can’t get enough off…Sustainable Finances(Control yourselves. There is enough to go around for everyone!) What is it about a Small Giant that keeps them looking good financially for so long while other companies enjoy flash-in-the-pan succcess but end up fading out like so many Hollywood starlets?Well, for starters, they all tend to have the following under control when it comes to finance:

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