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January 13, 2017

Small Giants Community Preview: How We’re Making 2017 The Best Year Yet

Can you feel it? 2017 is going to be the year of the values-driven leader. Now more than ever, business leaders are investing in the qualities that matter most when building a truly great business: purpose, leadership, culture, finances, relationships, and community. For all leaders, the new year is an opportunity to refresh your vision and renew your commitment to growing with purpose. That’s where we come in.

Here at the Small Giants Community, our driving purpose is to identify, connect, and develop values-driven business leaders — all year long. That’s why we’re so excited to share our vision for 2017. In the coming year, our aim is to touch as many new Small Giants companies as possible and continue to support, engage, and connect our current members in innovative, meaningful ways.

As Small Giants companies around the world make plans and set goals for 2017, we’re preparing to launch a full calendar of exciting, wide-ranging resources to support our network of leaders every step of the way. Inspired by our vision for the new year, there are more ways than ever to engage, develop, and connect values-driven leaders. So, what exactly is in store for 2017? We’re so glad you asked.

SMALL GIANTS JOURNEY. In 2016, you heard all about our plans to launch a new offering for seasoned leaders ready to take that next big step. In 2017, the Small Giants Journey finally begins with our inaugural cohort of Small Giants companies, embarking on a three-year transformative journey alongside an intimate group of like-minded leaders. The Journey is designed to strengthen a leader’s practice of the six qualities of a Small Giant, institutionalizing those strategies and practices into their company.

In late March, the Journey will begin with the Purpose module, where leaders will deep-dive into purpose, visioning, and values for their business. Learning alongside a small, diverse group of committed values-driven leaders, Journeyers will experience one-of-a-kind, immersive teachings through on-the-ground training, virtual dialogues, and more. As the program unfolds, expect to hear updates from leaders on the Journey through our blog, social media, and at SGC events. If you’re interested in joining the cohort of leaders as a Journey participant, let us know and we can get your application process rolling.

SMALL GIANTS SUMMIT. Every year, we host the can’t-miss event of the year for values-driven leaders. Our annual conference is unique: we bring leaders together from all walks of life, localities, and expertise for three days of inspiring company stories, meaningful networking, and real-time problem solving with fellow values-driven leaders.

Here’s what to expect from this year’s Summit in Detroit. By day, we’ll get real about growing with purpose, sharing our lessons learned, and deepening our practice of the six qualities of a Small Giant. By night, we’ll show you what the Motor City is really all about, touring the cultural destinations and local landmarks that make up Detroit’s unique community fabric. If you’re a business leader who values culture, people, and purpose, don’t miss #SGCSummit2017: Reinvention in Detroit May 16 - 19. Now through March 1, 2017, register for #SGCSummit2017 at a discounted Early Bird rate and save $200.

SMALL GIANTS LOCAL. As the Small Giants Community grows, so too is a movement for establishing Small Giants local groups around the country. Our local groups cultivate values-driven leaders by hosting networking events, company tours, and speaker forums throughout the year. This year, we’re strengthening this organic movement by providing new structure and support to local group leaders, helping them recruit new faces and deliver content that meets the specific needs and goals of their members. Interested in getting involved with a Small Giants local group? Find out what’s coming up next in your area.

To extend our reach even further, we’re also piloting a Virtual Group model, offering a flexible, more frequent option for values-driven leaders to connect and build relationships through video. With both a national and international group in beta, our Virtual Groups will bring leaders together for meaningful networking, knowledge sharing, and deepening their practice of values-driven leadership in a fresh, flexible format.

FISHBOWLS, PODCASTS, AND MORE. In 2017, we’re excited to connect with as many leaders as possible and make your voice heard. Beyond our structured events, our leaders are known for keeping in touch all year round — that’s why we’ve created even more space to connect and communicate online.

In 2017, we’re focusing our content around the six qualities of a Small Giant: purpose, leadership, culture, finance, relationships, and community. Starting with Purpose in January and February, we’ll share perspectives, best practices, and resources for your business. Have something to say about one of the six qualities? We want to hear from you! If you’re a practitioner with an idea to share, a story to tell, or a topic you love to talk about, let us know. This year, we’ll be featuring an array of voices through guest blog posts, interviews, and speaking opportunities.

This year, our monthly online Fishbowls will provide a platform for authentic, open dialogue led by an expert from the community. Free to all leaders in our network, Fishbowls provide an accessible space for real-time conversation, problem-solving, and networking on the topics that matter most to our leaders. Following our rotation of content around the six qualities of a Small Giant, mark your calendars for our first Fishbowl of 2017 on January 27th: The Power of Beliefs in Business with Zingerman’s co-owner and founding partner, Ari Weinzweig.

There’s more coming in 2017: we’re working on a leadership podcast hosted by our CEO and Founder, Paul Spiegelman, and we’re elevating the content on our blog to provide insights and information that will help leaders deepen their understanding of the Small Giants philosophy. Keep up with our upcoming events and latest content by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and signing up for our newsletter, The Big Scoop.

This year, we’re excited to work with as many new, values-driven leaders as possible and continue to serve our current members in meaningful, innovative ways. That’s our vision for 2017 — what’s yours? There’s so much in store for the year ahead, and we can’t wait for you to find the right offerings for you and your business.

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