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October 9, 2023

Growing with Purpose Podcast: Building a Culture of Learning with Andrew Barry

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Andrew Barry


On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Andrew Barry, founder and CEO of Curious Lion.

Andrew got his start on the accounting side of business at KPMG. But as his passion for learning grew, he embraced his own courage by moving from his home country of South Africa to the United States, where he started his own training services business. Even though the road wasn’t always smooth, Andrew had mentors (including several standout female leaders in a male-dominant industry) to back him up, as well as his own curious mindset, to propel him forward. Now, through Curious Lion, he’s helping organizations shift their cultures to ones that are people-focused and embrace change in order for them to thrive and not just survive. 

Tune in to this episode to hear Andrew and Paul discuss the dual influences their parents had on each of their leadership journeys, the dynamics of being a thought leader while running a business with its own identity, and the power of storytelling. 

If you want to take a deeper dive into the tools and philosophies of Curious Lion, Andrew and his team have developed a free email-based course for anyone to access. Sign up to get these problem-solving tools here!


Show Notes:

  • 3:50 - Awareness is the key to starting a learning culture
  • 6:00 - Optimize the planner, not the plan
  • 11:15 - From accounting to entrepreneurship 
  • 17:30 - Andrew’s personal journey
  • 29:05 - Curious Lion’s challenges in 2023
  • 34:00 - “Stories are one of the greatest technologies we’ve ever invented”


Book that Inspired Andrew:
Falling Upward by Richard Rohr


Listen to Andrew's story below:

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