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March 3, 2024

Growing with Purpose Podcast: A Teacher, Mountain Guide, and Restaurateur Walk into a Bar… with Britt Wiedemann

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On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with Britt Wiedemann, president and owner of IWI Ventures, a company that runs various organizations in the hospitality industry. Britt is also a mentor in the Small Giants Sounding Board program

Britt grew up in an entrepreneurial family and was raised on a horse and tobacco farm. Early on, he began adding more and more tools to his toolbox by way of new experiences. From working on his family’s farm, to being an English teacher in Korea, to being a mountain guide for Outward Bound, Britt never shied away from the opportunities that were presented to him. And along the way, he kept an open mind, remained humble, and sought out like-hearted people. With a mix of hard work, curiosity, and luck, Britt’s winding path led him into the hospitality industry. Today, he remains appreciative of all the varied experiences that have led him to where he is today, and continually strives to be the best leader he can be.

Tune into this episode to hear Paul and Britt talk about how Britt came to discover the importance of good culture, what growing up on a farm taught him about entrepreneurship, and why he considers himself the luckiest guy on the planet. 


Show Notes:

  • 3:23 - Getting in on the ground floor of fast casual
  • 10:35 - “It turns out, good people won’t serve garbage”
  • 17:45 - Growing up with entrepreneurial DNA
  • 28:00 - How the pandemic changed the hospitality industry
  • 36:35 - “Put tools in your toolbox”


Book that Inspired Britt:
Good to Great by Jim Collins


Listen to Britt's story below:

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