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April 15, 2021

Growing with Purpose Podcast: "Every Leader Needs a Sounding Board" with Colin Quinn

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On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman talks with Colin Quinn, Founder/Co-Director at Be Positive in Edinburgh, Scotland. Be Positive is an IT services company that provides consulting, staffing, and training in the area of business analysis.

Colin's role at Be Positive is the head of vision and strategy. Away from work, Colin is the Director of the Glasgow City Football Club, Glasgow's most successful women's football team. Colin's relationship with host Paul Spiegelman is a special one: the two are paired together in the Small Giants Sounding Board, a mentorship program that pairs you with a tenured Small Giant leader to help you through challenges, navigate workplace relationships, offer guidance, share wisdom, and simply listen.
This episode is a rare glimpse into the special bond that forms through mentorship, and a thoughtful reflection on what makes mentorship successful. Plus, hear Paul and Colin reflect on what many business leaders get wrong about visioning, and hear their thoughts on how the pandemic has many reimagining their purpose in life – including their own.

Tune in to Paul and Colin's conversation here or listen below.



Show Notes: 

[3:14] What Is Business Analysis?
[8:50] When's the Right Time to Seek a Mentor?
[16:37] Uncover Your Purpose First, Then Write a Vision
[23:03] Navigating Successful Business Partnerships 
[35:26] Mentorship Shouldn't Feel Like a Hierarchy



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