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August 23, 2021

Growing with Purpose Podcast: From "Un" to Fun with Conni Reed

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On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman talks with Conni Reed, founder and CEO of Consuela.

Starting with a computer science degree, Conni had a steady career in the corporate tech world. But she was feeling uninspired, unhappy, and, in her own words, “I was pretty much just un.” After a self-proclaimed “early mid-life crisis at 35,” she left her job to start her own business. What began as making one-of-a-kind art in her garage has grown into a multi-million dollar company selling joyously colorful handbags, as well as the mission “make today ridiculously awesome!”.

In this episode, Conni explains how hearing many “no’s” helped her to understand her values even more, the personal importance of working with artisans in Mexico, and the strength that empathy has given her throughout her life. After you listen, head on over to the Consuela website for some accessory eye candy and heartwarming messages.

Tune in to Paul and Conni's conversation here or listen below.

Conni ReedShow Notes: 

  • 3 goals: make art, work with traditional artists in Mexico, work with women
  • Wanted to leave the world a bit happier
  • Found community within Small Giants to share her people-first values with
  • When consultants told her to scale into other, cheaper countries, she stuck to her guns
  • Events in her childhood led her to be an empathetic person
  • "It's not about the bag" program lifts up women - both the nominator and nominated



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