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Raman Chadha

Founder | Junto Institute

January 13, 2020

Growing with Purpose Podcast: "Smarter, Healthier Leaders" with Raman Chadha

On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman talks with Raman Chadha, founder of the Junto Institute. Raman is a Small Giants Leadership Academy facilitator who shares his expertise on emotional intelligence training with emerging leaders in the Small Giants Community.

Most of us know that emotional intelligence is an important skill in leadership — but is it a skill that can be learned? Raman Chadha's life work is dedicated to answering that very question. Raman was the founding director of DePaul University’s entrepreneurship center where he was also on faculty. Today, Raman is the founder and Managing Partner of the Junto Institute, where he spends his time developing programs for growth-stage Founders and CEOs. Raman's teaching philosophies are rooted in purpose, love, and the belief that human beings have an unlimited capacity to flourish. 

In this episode, hear Paul and Raman discuss how much more fulfilling work is when you let emotions and purpose lead the way. Plus, hear Raman's practical advice for identifying emotional intelligence in others and how people can learn to be more effective leaders. 

Tune in to Raman's story below: 


d133f025-cd2e-4ff5-a37c-8cb01c2fc098-upload_photo-RamanChadha-headshot-1Show Notes: 

[2:25] Can Emotional Intelligence Be Learned?
[6:22] How to Teach Adults New Skills
[9:10] Lessons from the Immigrant Experience
[15:13] My Role As a Leader Had to Evolve
[21:23] Using the Word Love at Work
[28:45] The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

Books that Influenced Raman's Leadership:
How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life by Russ Roberts



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About Raman Chadha

Raman Chadha is Founder and Managing Partner of The Junto Institute, whose mission is to help leaders and their companies become smarter, healthier, and better. Through structured programs built on deep mentorship and emotional intelligence training, Junto helps founders grow into next-stage leaders with the right skills and experience, and companies grow into next-stage firms with the right people and infrastructure. Prior to Junto, Raman was founding director of DePaul University’s entrepreneurship center where he was also on faculty. He is a frequent speaker and writer on leadership, emotional intelligence, and growth-stage companies.