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February 4, 2024

Growing with Purpose Podcast: Making a Father-Son Business Shine with Tony + Tony Sr. Maione

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On this episode of the Growing with Purpose podcast, host Paul Spiegelman speaks with our very first father-son duo. Tony Maione Sr. (henceforth called Senior) is Co-founder and Executive Senior Consultant of Core America, a janitorial and environmental services consulting and software company. Tony Maione, his son, is currently President of Core America, as well as an alum of the Small Giants Leadership Academy

While studying at Cornell University, Senior paid his way through school by cleaning buildings at night. By the time he graduated, he and his brother had a fully functioning business. They kept it going, using their parents’ basement as the office, and maintained both a positive business model and working environment. After over a decade of cleaning, Senior noticed there was a disconnect between the people who needed the cleaning services and the people providing the services. And so, he took a chance on trying his hand as a consultant, and helped clients find the best companies for their needs. By 1995, Core America completed the transition from cleaning provider to consulting service. More recently, they began offering their own software to aid clients even further. 

Although the younger Tony always wanted to build his own career identity, his path often overlapped with his father’s and uncle’s: first, attending Cornell, and eventually moving back to his hometown and joining the family business. As he’s risen through the ranks within Core America, Tony has managed to both honor the legacy that the previous generation established, while also moving the company forward with his own unique leadership style and goals. 

And yes, even after all of these years, the father and son duo still enjoy working together every day.

Tune into this episode to hear Paul and the two Tonys discuss their family business dynamic, how they carefully transitioned the leadership from one generation to the next, and how they went about rediscovering Core America’s culture.


Show Notes:

  • 5:10 - The beginnings of Core America
  • 15:25 - Brought up in a family business
  • 23:55 - Tactful transitions 
  • 28:15 - Rediscovering the culture
  • 32:44 - Looking ahead


Book that Inspired Tony Sr.:
Good to Great by Jim Collins

Book that Inspired Tony:
Start with Why by Simon Sinek


Listen to the father-son story below:

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