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Small Giants Community

March 27, 2019

Download: The Small Giants Approach to Financial Transparency

Small Giants companies share a commitment to six key qualities that make a business truly exceptional: purpose, leadership, culture, finance, relationships, and community. While each element is equally important, finance is often the most challenging aspect of building a sustainable, purpose-driven business.

The most successful leaders understand that the environments they create directly influence profitability. A culture defined by accountability, trust, and purposeful growth will have a loyal, engaged workforce and outperform its competitors. That’s why so many leaders have embraced financial transparency to strengthen the culture and improve financial performance.

It can feel risky to share the financial side of the business with employees — what if they don't understand the numbers? What if it distracts them from their day-to-day jobs? Instead, you’ll find that it creates a clear path to building a sustainable business that delivers on your promise to employees. Financial transparency is more than just sharing the numbers — it creates a culture where all employees feel and act like owners and are armed with the information they need to make the best decisions for the business. 

Financial TransparencyDownload the ebook:

This ebook is our fifth deep dive into each of the six qualities of a Small Giant. In this installment, we’ll:

  • Make the case for financial transparency
  • Share how purpose-driven leaders teach financial literacy to employees
  • Meet Small Giants companies that have taken it to the next level and developed employee ownership programs of their own

Ready to start learning? Complete the form below to download the ebook and reflect on what financial transparency and employee ownership would mean for your business and your employees.






Want a quick way to give your employees a crash course in business finance? Check out this video made in partnership with wikiHow and share it with your team: 

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