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Paul Spiegelman

Paul is the Founder of the Small Giants Community, and serves as the Chief Culture Officer of Stericycle. Paul has written several books about company culture based on practices at his former company, Beryl Health - including Why is Everyone Smiling? and The Smile Guide.
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When to Double Down On Culture

Posted by Paul Spiegelman on August 23, 2016

team_huddle.jpgI’m a culture evangelist.  Some might say that I “got religion” not so much because I chose it, but because I came to experience over time the impact that it had on my life and my business.  I simply took the lessons from my parents (always be kind; treat people with respect; never burn a bridge) and applied them to business.  I really didn’t know any different.  

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There is a direct correlation between the business culture of a company and its financial success, and people are the drivers of both. With this in mind, when hiring, it’s wise to focus more on finding someone who fits into the company culture rather than exclusively looking for certain skills. I base hiring decisions 60 percent on fit and 40 percent on skills.

This doesn’t mean simply hiring someone you like and hoping they can do the job. The goal should be to analyze the candidate’s personality and introduce the potential employee to the company’s culture, so you both can make the right decision.

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10 Elements of Great Culture

Posted by Paul Spiegelman on April 2, 2014

Building a company culture of engaged employees takes years and requires consistent execution. I boiled down our culture strategy into 10 essential components I call the “10 Cs of Culture.”

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Consider walking into a real-life version of “The Office.” The inappropriate and morally questionable behavior of the staff would make you reconsider your decision to work with — or for — the company.

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