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Small Giants Community

November 20, 2019

Download: The Small Giants Approach to Hiring and Onboarding

Purpose-driven leaders take a people-first approach to business, which means that your team is your number one priority. When you bring someone new on board, it’s important that they align with the organization’s values and are inspired by its vision — because part of that vision is investing in and growing your people. 

You care about your people, and as your organization grows, it’s important that you’re bringing the right talent along with you. In this ebook, we’ll take you inside the hiring process of organizations led by like-minded, like-hearted leaders. These leaders have worked hard to develop recruiting, hiring, and onboarding programs that serve the needs of their people and the purpose of their organizations. 

From the minute you post a new job listing to celebrating a team member’s six-month anniversary, this ebook is your guide to elevating and strengthening your hiring and onboarding process. Here’s how purpose-driven leaders get hiring and onboarding right.

hiring ebook-02Download the Ebook

In this ebook, you'll learn:

  • How to craft job openings that attract the right candidates
  • How to talk about your culture to potential new employees
  • How to screen candidates for values alignment
  • What tools to use to organize your hiring strategy
  • How to scale your interview process
  • How to create onboarding programs that will help you retain top talent

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