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Annie Gough

July 6, 2020

Let's Get Virtual: Working with Remote Teams

Teams across the country have found themselves in virtual work situations. For some, it’s been a temporary fix; for others, the slippers and couch culture might be more long term. This can pose a challenge to culture-focused companies that want to care for their employees. The good news: the principles of a positive culture translate to sustainable virtual environments, too — and they offer exciting new ways to engage team members and do great work.

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Keep your virtual employees engaged

In a Small Giants Community virtual workshop, Small Giants leader and CEO of Big Cartel, Anna Brozek, shared how their entirely virtual team stays connected, productive, and culturally aligned. She also spent a good portion of the workshop answering questions from attendees — many of whom had their own wisdom to share too.

Here are the top takeaways from the workshop, along with best practices, tools and resources.

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4 ways to build a positive culture in virtual teams

The truth is that virtual teams need all the same things to thrive as in-office teams do — and technology only replaces a leader when there’s a lack of leadership. For purpose-driven business leaders, technology is a powerful tool for supporting you, your team members, and your culture as you learn to do business in new ways.

While virtual environments do present new challenges for how we collaborate, communicate, and build relationships, they also offer exciting new opportunities to engage employees and make their lives better.  Here’s how the top virtual companies make it happen.

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Are we living in the future?

We talked to three purpose-driven leaders to hear their perspectives on returning to the office, the future of working from home, and how to keep employees engaged.

Although businesses worldwide were unwillingly pushed to this mode of work, this experience is prompting many to reconsider their stance on virtual work. In the short-term, working from home offers continued safety to team members who aren’t confident about returning to the office. But in the long term, what can we learn from this experience to create a more flexible, rewarding work experience for our team members?

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