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There are basic truths and goals you should hold dear for your meetings, ie. having clear outcomes, an agenda, clear next steps, clear roles, accountability, and a way to communicate outcomes and key tidbits to those who need to know….

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(The following article originally appeared on smallbiz-resources.com. It’s republished here as an example of how Small Giants can create immediate impact and empowerment in their companies by implementing Great Game practices. Having had the opportunity to spend time inside of the SRC Companies (one of the “original” Small Giants), we at the Inc. Small Giants Community have no issues championing the work and philosophies that are a part of the Great Game of Business. For an introductory educational series on the Great Game of Business, click here. Click the link to the right to visit the Great Game of Business. —Ed.)

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Vision. We all have one right? Or at least we think we do? Whether it’s a personal vision, a professional vision, or one vision that combines it all, most individuals have somewhere they want to go. However, that vision is most likely fuzzy, ever-changing, and scattered in each of our minds. Call-Em-All’s trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visit with Zingerman’s allowed our team to consciously realize what we’re striving for as we look ahead and learn how to put those thoughts into an “inspiring and strategically sound” vision.

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Proper, purposeful marketing is an integral part of a business’s success. It is also one of the most volatile, subjective, and misunderstood areas of business operations. Although largely considered the fun part of business—with logos, tag lines, advertising, promotional items, letterhead, and so on—marketing done well is much more than meets the eye.

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