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Do you know how your brain-heart coherence impacts your leadership? Research in human physiology is revealing that when the heart and brain work together, we enter a coherent state that can lead to more effective leadership and business innovation. At an April 2018 Small Giants Fishbowl, Tyler Mongan, Co-Founder of Heart Lab and HAKU.global, explored human physiology, coherent leadership, and how understanding your physiology can help you become a better leader.

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Today on the Growing with Purpose podcast, Paul Spiegelman interviews Jon Dwoskin, Founder and CEO of the Jon Dwoskin Experience, an executive and business coaching company. Throughout his life, Jon has faced several life-altering challenges. From being diagnosed with dyslexia in his early 30s to surviving testicular cancer, Jon realized early on that life is short and decided to follow his dreams.

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TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of suicide

In 1980, I was a little girl growing up in India, a nation struggling with poverty. No Barbie dolls or fancy toys or TV shows. And, definitely no Disneyland. I didn’t grow up with access to media or exposure to successful role models. But, my father did something very special that left an imprint on my mind.

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“Do you have a moment? Can we talk?”

Business leaders immediately feel a sense of dread when they hear these questions. They fear that another person is giving notice, and they assume the departure will lead to expensive and time-consuming complications.

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