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A Culture of Customer Service

Posted by ARCOS on July 31, 2018


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Topics: Customer Service, Culture

Can a high-ranking corporate leader make the switch to purpose-driven leadership? Michael Spinosa, CEO of Unleashed Technologies, hit the reset button on his career to pursue building his own business as a way to escape his unfulfilling career in the corporate world.

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Topics: Leadership, growing with purpose, Paul Spiegelman

How Do You Scale Culture?

Posted by LaSalle Network on July 24, 2018

Lasalle Network

As This Employment Firm Grows, Staff Council Helps Scale Culture

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Topics: Community, Company Culture, scaling, Culture

When it comes to hiring, culture comes first.

How do you screen for values during the hiring process? The key to building a Small Giants company is hiring for culture fit, but vetting for values during the interview process can be complicated.

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Topics: Values, Hiring, Core Values, Firing, Culture

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