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By now, you likely consider yourself something of a Small Giants connoisseur. You’ve read the book, you’ve attended a Summit, maybe you’ve even recruited a few Small Giants of your own into the Community. Or maybe you don’t have a clue about what a Small Giant is? In order to earn your Small Giants stripes, there are a few things you should know. Like, what’s the deal with the Small Giants fish? And do all Small Giants want to stay small? The clouds are about to part for you… That’s right, we’re blowing the lid off of the Small Giants philosophy to help shed some light on what we’re always saying— stick with us and you’ll learn everything you didn’t realize you needed to know about our Community.

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As part of the Return on Values Project, we've had exclusive access to go behind the scenes of a number of companies that were named to the Forbes Best Small Companies in America list and are scheduled to be a part of 2016 Small Giants Summit and our Summit "Day of Mojo". Take a sneak peak at how these great companies tackle open-book management, saving their employees from burnout, keeping top employees and much more!
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Finding peace of mind on your journey to mindful leadership.

"The most important decision we can make is whether  we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe."  - Albert Einstein

Leadership is helping people realize what they didn’t think was possible in life; reaching heights they never could have imagined were possible; believing in themselves.  As leaders, we have been given the privilege of being able to help and inspire, yet we are often not truly present when we work with our team members (or employees, or customers, or the world!).

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The Small Giants Community is a global membership organization focused on the promotion, implementation and advancement of running a successful values-driven business.

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